Boarding Service

We offer year round boarding services for mares and foals. At La Leyenda we stable 70 of our own mares and another equal number belonging to regular customers.
We also accept mares during the Stallion Services Season.
We offer the services of a nutritionist year round, who prepares season-based diets to ensure healthy and well-balanced foals. We weigh our animals monthly and prepare growth curves.
Our feed is specially formulated to supplement the natural nutrients provided by our lands. We have 2 permanent and year-round veterinarians (senior and junior) and in the Service Season we hire a Senior Vet who specializes in breeding.


Sales Agent

If you are interested in selling one and a half year olds, weaning foals, or broodmares, at La Leyenda we have the needed infrastructure, qualified staff and sales network for marketing your horses.


Preparing thoroughbreds for sale

Our sales team is well versed in the modern and traditional features of the preparation of a thoroughbred for auction. Suitable feeding, scraping and grooming, ring and handheld exercising, all produce a quality horse that will draw buyers to repeatedly view the product.